What is magic?

Basically, it’s a physical prayer. It is a request or a prayer that we make in our heart to an invisible being (divine, holy, spirit, etc.) of our choice to assist us through enchantments or rituals in the materialization of our requests.

We accompany our prayer, to make it physical, with an offering – which varies according to our beliefs, our values, as well as the needs of the invisible being invoked by our request.

To increase the vibratory rate of the offering and demonstrate your appreciation for the being invoked, it is possible to add to the offering a poem, a drawing easily dematerialized (made of chalk or powder, for example), a song, or a letter of thanks which will serve to honor the offering. Otherwise, it is possible to incense the offering.Magic is using the energy of faith in an invisible being combined with the energy of plants to materialize our demands.

What is the difference between white magic and black magic?

The big difference is the invisible being invoked and the emotional state behind the request. When a request is made in a negative state, with the energy of jealousy, selfishness or hatred, we call upon black magic. When a request is made in a positive state, with the energy of love and compassion, we call upon white magic. The knowledge and the way of proceeding are identical, it is your heart and your faith that makes the difference.

Lunar phases:

Crescent moon: This is the period between the new moon and the full moon. Now is the time to make the requests that we seek to help or augment something or someone. Now is the time to attract people together or to yourself. This is also the time to make yourself stronger, more fertile, intelligent, etc.

Waning moon: This is the period between the full moon and the new moon. Now is the time to make the requests that we are trying to distance, shrink or make disappear a person in our life, a situation or other.

Full moon: This is the most powerful time each month to make all requests.

Dark moon: This is the time when the evenings are moonless. It is therefore recommended to avoid doing magic at this time because the moon is not in the sky to protect you.

All the herbs offered in our products are always magnetized and charged by the lunar influence during their creation, so they can be used at any time and give the desired influence. However, it is suggested to use our products during the appropriate lunar phases as this will increase their influencing properties.

The aim of this company is to make white magic available and easy for people to access. We offer our products as a game or entertainment with instructions that are easy to follow.

We want to make magic fun, easy and available to everyone. We believe that everyone deserves to know how to fulfill their requests with the help of white magic. Currently, it is easy to find enchantments or rituals of magic online, but one must find the necessary ingredients individually which can often be difficult to find.

We want to offer the possibility of buying magic prepared in advance, with all the ingredients and instructions included, all the while respecting the invisible being you decide to invoke.

The earth has the knowledge to nourish and take care of all who participate in it, whether they are living, energetic, elemental, divine or other. By using the earth as an intermediary, we offer the offering so that the earth can transform it into adequate positive energy to offer in thanks to the invisible being invoked.