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This kit is designed to block terrorism efforts and increase the power of Good against wars of all types like war between religions for example.

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This kit includes:

  • 1 plate
  • 1 sheet of aluminum foil
  • 1 jar of salt
  • 1 jar of herbs
  • 1 candle (can burn for up to 15 hours)
  • 1 candle holder
  • 2 incense sticks
  • Matches
  • Instructions


  1. Wrap the plate with the aluminum foil provided.
  2. Place the candle holder in the center of the plate in order for the deepest and narrowest opening to be upward.
  3. Fill the opening of the candle holder with salt.
  4. Place the plate face down on the candle holder, on top of the opening filled with salt.
  5. Place a hand on top of the plate and with your other hand, grip the candle holder. Flip it 180 degrees onto the table in order for the candle holder to sit in the plate. Now the widest and shallowest opening of the candle holder is upward.
  6. Pour the herbs delicately in this opening of the candle holder.
  7. Program your candle: Holding the candle in your hands, make your wish or demand, visualise and live it as vividly as you can with all the emotions linking you to it as if it has already become your reality. Ask for the help of your god, buddha, angel, spirit, guide, universe or other and thank them for assisting you in the realisation of your wish or demand.
  8. Place the candle in the candle holder, on top of the herbs.
  9. Plant the incense stick between the opening of the candle holder and the candle itself.
  10. Light the candle and the incense stick. Let them burn by themselves.

    You have two options for this ritual:

  1. Let the candle burn continually for its entire duration, approximately 15 hours, using one or both incense sticks.
  2. Light the candle as well as one incense stick and blow out the candle after approximately 7 hours. At another chosen time, relight the candle as well as one incense stick, letting the candle burn completely.

    ****Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children****
    ***The herbs used for this kit may vary therefore are not divulgated. ***
    Entertainment product only.

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